500 Dolla Bill (sold)
Triscuit 1 (one)
Triscuit 2 (sold)
Bell Cow (sold)
Big Apple
Big Ben (sold)
Cisco Pumple Drumpkin (sold)
Citco (sold)
David Hockney (sold)
Double Decker (sold)
Faith (sold)
Lovin’ Spoonful (sold)
Hello Love (sold)
His Other Wife (sold)
Incredelman (sold)
Joy of Books
Lola (sold)
London Bridge (sold)
London Eye (sold)
Marilyn's Cake (sold)
Open Arms (sold)
Queen of Hearts
Red Apple
Self Portrait on Mother's Day
Shade Tree (sold)
She Makes it Rain Sunshine (sold)
Shuga Bean
Triple Eight Cranberry
Wedding Cake
Yankee Stadium (sold)
Tuukka (sold)
Salt Water Happy (sold)
Top Knot
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