The Great Big Everything

This first post is about Rick Mobbs, a great influence to me and to so many others. I found this note in a text message saved on my phone, it’s little quote from My Favorite Brother as he neared the end of his life. I’ve never shared it, but he actually asked me to, so here it is. I hope it makes you smile or gives you peace if you’ve ever lost someone.

Often, I want to call him, just to hear his voice, or to have my big brother tell me everything’s going to be okay. He was a special human. When I miss him, I think of his wife, Naomi & all of his children. They were so attentive and sweet and loving during his illness. Today, they are strong and happy. Rick’s love & strength of heart lives on in their creativity, beautiful smiles and big laughs.

“I know how to go with the flow and not resist. I also believe, from the evidence of my life experience, that if there is a way for the Universe, or the Grace of God, or the Great Big Everything to tuck me into a place of safety in a crisis, it will. Maybe you can pass that onto the others. It really is my faith.”

Tucked into a place of safety. I like to believe that place exists and that he, and so many others we loved, are there.

Rick was a talented artist and writer. He had a blog where he wrote about his life, told stories and posted paintings and asked people to write about them. It was very interactive and allowed people to express themselves and was also a great way to get to know other artists.

Maybe this new blog could be a way for others to share their art, stories or ideas? I’d love to share your fun stuff with everyone! Don’t overthink it. If you have something to share, send it. This is an opportunity for you, so use it. Hey, maybe we’ll even make a contest out of it someday! Please use the Contact tab on the bottom of my site or click here to send submissions.

Just now, as I finish writing this post, a friend texted & reminded me to light a candle this morning. She recalled the day we sat around a table and lit a candle and tried to explain to our seven children why someone would crash planes into buildings. Sometimes life just can’t be explained, but surrounding yourself with love and support always helps. Thinking of those who lost someone 18 years ago today.

I hope that we can create a fun place, a supportive place, encouraging each other along on our journey through life together.

Feel free to leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you. Check out Rick’s art and blog when you have lots of free time & send me YOUR work or story to post!

Lots of Love,


(Favorite Sister)

DSC_1119 (1).jpg

Love & Light

This is a photo that I found recently. It was almost black, I couldn’t tell what it was, but I knew that it was from a night on a boat with Rick and friends in NC. We ventured out to an island with a huge cross built on it and took photos at sunset. When I lightened the photograph, this was the treasure that was exposed.

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